We are leading Manufacturer & exporter of LV to MV Switchgears and other associated electrical power transmission and distribution equipments…

About Us


UPE manufactures its products with state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which provides

complete solution for LV / MV / HV /EHV Power systems including Design, Manufacturing and Supply of Transmission and Distribution sub-station Equipments.


UPE has its Vision, Strong Customer Focus and a resolute Commitment against Quality, Pricing and Customer Satisfaction.

With the above, we are poised to become one of the most trusted and reputed brand names in India as well as in global market.


Our quality is consistently realistic, continuously scrutinized, measured and systematically enforced. We endeavor to outdo

customer expectations by providing products and services that comply with related standards with strict adherence to ISO Quality Management System.


Moderate pricing, uncompromised and assured quality and on-dot delivery and service are our symbols of strength to sustain our growth in current decisive

and competitive market trends.




UPE belongs to AXESS SEVEN  group of companies, where we proudly boast of enjoying customers’ esteem consistently and continuously for

several years through supplies and services to many reputed and prestigious clientele in ASEAN countries, African, Gulf & Latin American

countries since early 2000s.


Having laid such strong foundation with unblemished track record for highly demanding and performance sensitive overseas market,  we set

our eyes on domestic market for manufacture of those products with which enough expertise had been garnered through global

exposure and sourcing and servicing of same products.


Our corporate principle emphasizes that skilled man power teams are the key to success, it drives for exhaustive training of all executives and senior

management personnel for more professional and systematic approach to issues and knowledge building thereby they are geared up for more challenges

and take on larger critical situations and come out successfully with flying colors.




UPE is endowed with all the infrastructure that is required with specialized teams having unique base of experience, as well as

most modern equipment to design, manufacture assure quality of the final product. i.e,


         Skilled , Talented, Experienced and specialized teams of people.

         Most modern machinery and equipment and state-of-the-art processes.

         Adequate manufacturing space in highly industrialized location.

         Other desirable facilities such as power, water, air etc.


LV Switchgears Panels

LV Switchgears Panels

    UPE’s UL Series, Low Voltage Product offer a complete range of state-of-the-art products, systems and techno..

MV Switchgears Panels

MV Switchgears Panels

    UPE’s Medium Voltage Product also offers a  complete range of state-of-the-art products, systems and techno..

Disconnectors / Isolators

Disconnectors / Isolators

    UPE’s UD Series, Disconnectors comprises a complete range of state-of-the-art products, systems and technol..

Control & Relay Panels

Control & Relay Panels

    We are well known as one of the premier Control & Relay Panels Manufacturers with wide range, which is kno..

Lightning Arresters

Lightning Arresters

    We are trusted as one of the most leading manufacturer of Lightning Arresters as we  offer various types of L..

Polymeric Insulators*

Polymeric Insulators*

    We focus on the voltage range of 12kv-400kv series composite insulators, also known as polymer insulators or s..

  We offer complete engineering solutions to the clients to meet the demands of the power sector and industrial clients. Study / Formulate / Standardization of Technical Specifications & Drawings, Developing and under taking erection and com..