Our Management associated strategic, operational and financial experience with extensive relationships and expertise…

Business Policy


As a corporate entity, UPE will uphold and implement the polices laid down from time to time to follow

Business Ethics, and where ever we pursue business in other States & Countries full compliance with the local laws and regulations of them

must be ensured. Our employees are also on par with respect to these principles.

We commit to creating sustainable, long term value for our Suppliers & Business Partners. All our Suppliers & Business Partners are

communicated openly and transparently within the bounds of commercial confidentiality and regulatory limits.


 Contractual Obligations


We take our contractual obligations both with customers and suppliers equally seriously and ensure that the commitments entered into

are honoured completely with in the provisions to the fullest extent feasible. We pay our suppliers according to the agreed contracts and terms.

In many instances, UPE purchases goods or services from a supplier who may also buy goods or services from us. This practice is normal and

acceptable, but any form of pressure for reciprocity with that supplier is not. Suppliers must not be obligated  to buy our products or services.


Maintaining Our Values


Where ever we operate in conjunction with business partners, we will endeavor to sustain our values as well as demonstrate our commitment

to upholding our ethical  principles...

It is not illegal and may be appropriate for representatives of UPE and its competitors to meet and talk from time to time. In such

conversations, one should scrupulously avoid comment on such topics as pricing, production levels, marketing methods, inventories,

product development, sales territories and goals, market studies, and any proprietary or confidential information. Discussions

regarding customers must be limited to the exchange of credit information. If an employee of UPE gets in contact with customers,

competitors, or suppliers on a regular basis, he should be familiar with any antitrust issues that affect UPE ‘ s values and general functioning

adversely and consult with the legal counsel whenever questions arise that may involve antitrust implications.


Inter Personnel Relations


UPE is committed to maintaining a positive and constructive working environment where all Employees may pursue personal career satisfaction and growth.

As a policy there will be no discrimination on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, and age, physical or mental ability etc.


Waiver of the Policy


Any waiver of the policies set forth herein for executive officers or directors may be made and must be promptly disclosed to all as required by law.


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